Guinness Storehouse Tour

Guinness Storehouse Tour

When it comes to the most popular attractions for foreign tourists in Ireland, the guinness storehousel manages to hold some of the topmost positions, and needless to say, witnesses hundreds of visitors on a regular basis. Since the time it opened in 2000, tourists planning a trip to Ireland have made it a point to include a tour of this storehouse, known to be home to the infamous dark brew, at the St. James's Gate Brewery in the city of Dublin. The Guinness Storehouse tour is a public exhibition that is primarily dedicated to dark beer, which is considered to be one of Ireland’s most popular drinks.

Visitors are given a chance to get a taste of the fascinating history of Guinness, witness the brewing process and of course, taste test the brew in the laboratory. The top floor of this 7- storey pint glass shaped storehouse is the Gravity bar, where visitors can collect their free pint of Guinness.

Book Guinness Storehouse Tour

Skip the Line Tickets- Booking the tickets online from the palm of your hand or the comfort of your favorite cafe or cozy bedroom, instead of standing in queue will save you plenty of time and enable a hassle free entry into the tour.

Convenience- Booking the tickets online means that you don’t have to visit the ticket counter physically to check for availability or in case the tickets need to be canceled. The convenience associated with this is truly underrated.

Early Access- Online bookings mean that you don’t have to wait in a queue, this gives you early access to the storehouse, before the crowd arrives.

Highlights For Guinness Storehouse Tour

  • 7 levels of multi- sensory experience, along with the History of Arthur Guinness and the 9000 year lease that was signed to operate the brewery
  • Incredible panoramic view of the city of Dublin from the top floor, along with a complimentary pint of Guinness at the Gravity bar
  • The taste testing session of the iconic stout during the Guinness Storehouse tour makes it highly unique and desirable to tourists, foreign and local.
  • Incredible authentic Irish cuisines offered at the lap of luxury and the freedom to navigate the storehouse at your own pace makes for a pleasant group tour.

Floors at Guinness Storehouse

The Story of Guinness

The ground floor of this architectural gem holds the 9000 year lease to run the brewery, signed and sealed by Arthur Guinness in 1759. The building is shaped like a pint glass that has a holding capacity of 14 million pints. Visitors can gaze up the storeys past the metal beams and begin exploring and learning about the five ingredients that come together to make up the iconic Guinness.

Meet Arthur Guinness

After being introduced to Arthur’s story and checking out the 9000 year lease, visitors get to print their selfies on top of their pints.

The Tasting Experience

The multi-sensory tasting experience here will allow you to truly experience the iconic stout. The swirling vapors help unlock the key tastes found in the renowned brew.

Guinness World of Advertising

The Guinness Storehouse Tour includes an incredible exhibition of iconic Guinness advertising. This floor allows visitors to re-enact some of their favorite Guinness adverts with their own images.From fish riding bicycles, to toucans flying and oysters whistling, visitors can allow their imagination to flow freely and immerse themselves in one of the most uniques collections of advertising in Dublin, and the world.

Guinness Academy

This floor allows the visitors to discover the fascinating past of the city of Dublin. From Hollywood celebrities to World leaders, this floor exhibits the journeys of countless well-known well-respected faces across the world. Here, you can learn about the six step ritual, counting 119.5 seconds, that is involved in pouring out your own pint of the world-famous stout. Visitors are provided with certificates as a souvenir.


The Guinness storehouse also holds Arthur’s Bar and 1837 Bar & Brasserie that offer a wide variety of delicacies that can be paired beautifully with your pint of Guinness. Dining in 1837 Bar & Brasserie is possible without the experience ticket as well.

Gravity Bar

The key highlight of the Gravity bar on the top floor of the building is the magnificent view of the city, from the Wicklow Mountains from where the water is sourced for brewing Guinness to the Wellington Monument and Phoenix Park, the view will allow you to efficiently plan the rest of your itinerary in the city.

Know Before You Go Guinness Storehouse

Booking the tickets online allows you to skip the crowd and enables early access into the storehouse for the Guinness Storehouse Tour.. Admission to this tour includes taste-testing of the famed dark beer and a complimentary pint at the Gravity bar. The Guinness Storehouse Tour is wheelchair and stroller accessible. The storehouse offers an exclusive Connoisseur Experience, booking which will get you a 75-minute tasting experience.

Essential Information
Bar & Food

Timings- The Guinness Storehouse Tour starts from 10am, from Mondays to Thursdays and closes at 5pm. On Friday and Saturday however, the tour starts at 9:30 am and is open until 6pm. On Sundays, the tour starts at 9:30am and the last admission is at 5pm.

Location- The storehouse is located at the St. James's Gate in central Dublin, Ireland.

How To Reach- Most tourist city tours, and hop-on-hop off buses in Dublin typically stop at this location. The Guinness Storehouse Tour is easily accessible to everyone. Dublin also has a wide Taxi network. Getting a taxi to drop you to the spot is another convenient option. The most common way, however, is to walk to the storehouse from the Dublin City Center.

The Guinness storehouse houses two bars and a food court. While the infamous Gravity bar on the top floor is quite popular among locals as well as tourists for the 3060 degree aerial views of the city and the complimentary pint of the iconic drink, Arthur’s bar and 1837 Bar &Brasserie on the fifth floor offer exquisite delicacies as well.

A wide variety of authentic cuisines, across each of the restaurants means that there is something for everyone and everything can be paired perfectly with the wide range of Guinness stout available. While Arthur’s Bar is walk-up only, 1837 Bar and Brasserie can be reserved during your admission to the Guinness Storehouse Tour. This, however, doesn't mean that walk-ups are not welcome.

FAQs For Guinness Storehouse

What would be the time duration for the Guinness Storehouse Tour ?

The Guinness Storehouse tour typically takes up to about 90 minutes. However since, it is a self guided tour, visitors can take their own sweet time and move at their own pace, exp[loring and enjoying all the facilities that the storehouse has to offer.

What would be the best time to go for a Guinness Storehouse Tour?

While the Guinness Storehouse is usually busiest during the afternoon, 1pm onwards, the best way to experience the tour would be to visit when crowds are minimal. This would mean that visiting early during the day, 10am onwards, can result in a quiet and peaceful experience.

Can we book a Guinness Storehouse Tour online?

Yes, the Guinness Storehouse Tour can be booked online through reputed tour and travel company websites as well as Guinness’ official website. It is a quick, hassle free and simple process.

Is the price for the Guinness Storehouse Tour same for everyone?

The Guinness Storehouse offers a standard range of prices for each category of visitors ranging from 16 euros for children between the age of 13 and 17, 18.5 euros for students and senior citizens (over 65 years of age), to 25 euros for adults. The bookings are done on a time-slot basis and visitors must stick to their specified time slots.

Why is Dublin so famous?

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland is one of 6 UNESCO cities of literature. Every year the city receives thousands of tourists with various interests. The city is filled with pubs. Tourists can find a pub at almost every corner and every street. Apart from that, the overall friendliness, progressive and hospitable nature of the people gives off a warm and welcoming vibe to tourists. The Georgian architecture that is a feast for the eyes, along with the happening pub culture make it a perfectly balanced tourist destination.


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