Things To Do In Dublin With Kids

Things To Do In Dublin With Kids

Dublin, Ireland’s ancient city with a quaint coastline is a popular tourist destination of Europe that lures millions of visitors from all over the globe. Known to the world as a family-friendly location, Dublin has an array of sightseeing spots, activities and festivals that are appealing to people of all ages. There are a multitude of things to do in Dublin with kids like fun experiences and educational events that you should never miss out on when on a family vacation with babies, toddlers, kids and teens. Dublin is the home to many kids-friendly museums and galleries like Children’s Museum, Little Museum and National Wax Museum where you can take your little ones for a knowledgeable as well as entertaining experience. If your children are interested in outdoor activities like cycling, biking and jogging, take them to St. Stephen’s and Phoenix Park for a relaxing evening amidst a verdant background. To teach the young generation about the culture and heritage of Ireland, you can visit the Ark where they can be involved in creative workshops and exhibitions to learn art. If you are looking for a frivolous experience with your kids at Dublin, do not miss visiting the Aquazone water park and Dublin Zoo.

Explore Dublin Children’s Museum

Dublin Children’s Museum, also known as ‘Imaginosity’, is a creative, educational and interactive space for kids to learn as they play. Intended specially for children below 9 years of age, this museum houses several exhibits and activities to encourage their imagination and curiosity. There is a rooftop playground, dedicated maths room, puppeteer’s room and a wide range of toys to interest infants and toddlers.

Visit AquaZone at the National Aquatic Centre

If you are looking for recreational things to do in Dublin with kids, visiting AquaZone is a great option. AquaZone is an indoor water park with eight unique water rides, slides, a Bubble Pool and a Wave Pool. While older kids can enjoy thrilling and adventurous water rides like Flo Rider And Dark Hole, little ones can play on ‘Pirate Ship’ under the supervision of an adult.

Enjoy The Ark

The Ark is a dedicated cultural centre for children aged 2 to 12 to instigate their love for art. It features a variety of fun things to do in Dublin with kids like engaging exhibitions, live theatrical shows and creative activities. The younger generation gets a prospect about different forms of art like theatre, music, dance, literature, painting and more.

Explore National Museum of Ireland

Spread across three separate locations, the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin is a great place to teach your kids about arts, archaeology, natural history and country life. The best part of the museum for children is the natural history centre of ‘Dead Zoo’ where they can witness 10,000 specimens. Kids can also participate in group tours, workshops and exhibitions to learn fascinating facts.

Have Fun at Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is a public park that offers a plethora of exciting things to do in Dublin with kids like biking, cycle tours, participating in art exhibitions and visiting momentous attractions within the park. It has a kids’ playground that is vibrantly designed with play units for children aged 4 to 12. There is also EVOS multi-activity arena in the playground which encourages active and imaginative play amongst kids.

Go at St. Stephen’s Green

St. Stephen’s Green Park is a historical park and garden with an extensive open green space around an ornate lake. Visiting the park is one of the relaxing things to do in Dublin with kids for the little ones can play in the children’s playground, go cycling and enjoy picnics with family. During summer, live concerts and shows are also hosted in the park’s bandstand.

Explore the National Wax Museum Plus

Take your kids to meet their idols and inspirations at the National Wax Museum Plus for an interesting day out in Dublin. Apart from popular sports and entertainment stars, the museum also has a special Simpson family room with figurines from this popular series. Children can see, touch and take pictures with figurines of their favourite cartoon characters like Flintstones, Power Rangers and Bob the Builder.

Visit Little Museum of Dublin

Little Museum of Dublin is a local history museum that portrays the history of the city through various artefacts and exhibits. It is located in a gorgeous Georgian townhouse and is spread across three levels with over 50,000 different objects. The museum hosts entertaining things to do in Dublin with kids like ‘I Love Dublin’ class for school children to educate them about the rich heritage of Dublin.

Meet Animals at Dublin Zoo

Touted to be one of the informative things to do in Dublin with kids, visiting the Dublin Zoo is a great pastime for people of all ages. It is the largest zoo in Ireland that houses more than 400 animals across 100 different species nurtured in replicas of their habitation. Children can observe the life of these animals in natural environments like Asian Forests, African Plain and Fringes of the Arctic habitats.


What are the best places to visit in Dublin with the family?

  • AquaZone: AquaZone is a splendid water park in Dublin that has some of the best and biggest water rides of Europe. The park has thrilling water rides for older kids, easy slides for toddlers and two relaxing water pools for adults.
  • Dublin Zoo: Dublin Zoo is a popular family-friendly location and visiting it is one of the best things to do in Dublin with kids. Children as well as adults can enjoy watching more than 400 different animals conserved in their natural surroundings.
  • Phoenix Park: Have fun with your kids at the Phoenix Park where the little ones can go biking, cycle tours, and enjoy ongoing exhibitions. The park has a large playground for kids of age 4 to 12 and an EVOS multi-activity space to encourage active play.
  • St. Stephen’s Green: St. Stephen’s Green is a wonderful park in Dublin that is a favourite hangout spot for families. The park has a large green space, charming lake, jogging paths, cycling lanes and a plenty of picnic spots for a peaceful day out with kids.

What is special about Dublin Zoo?

Dublin Zoo is the largest zoo in Ireland that is the home to more than 400 uncommon, exotic and endangered animals from across the world. These animals are nurtured and conserved in indoor as well as outdoor spaces that resemble their natural habitat. The zoo works with several other zoos worldwide for the conservation of biodiversity on earth.

What is Phoenix Park famous for?

Phoenix Park is the biggest city park in Europe and a world heritage site that also holds the prestigious Green Flag Award. It is famous for its enchanting landscape that has both natural and cultural values. It is also popular for housing several important attractions of Dublin like Dublin zoo, People’s Gardens and a magnificent playground.

Is Dublin child friendly?

Dublin is a family-friendly tourist destination that has as many attractions and activities for children as it does for adults. The city is the home to a plethora of parks, kids-friendly museums, galleries and a zoo that are engaging and entertaining for the little ones.

What is the best time to visit Dublin?

The best time to visit Dublin is during the summer months from June to early September when the weather is lovely and favourable for outdoor activities. Summer is the peak tourist season in Dublin as the climate is warm with limited rainfall and mild temperatures that makes sightseeing convenient for tourists.


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