The Little Museum of Dublin Tickets

The Little Museum of Dublin Tickets

In Dublin, Ireland, the Little Museum of Dublin (LMOD) was founded in 2011. LMOD is a museum focused on telling the personal stories of Dubliners and the city to the visitors during one of its most eventful eras. The museum's collection includes materials from the 5,000-year history of the city and focuses on the city's social, economic, and cultural life over time.

When you think of Ireland, the first thing that might come to mind is the green countryside dotted with small towns and villages. But what if we were to tell you there's more to Dublin than just those images? The Little Museum of Dublin is located in St Stephen's Green on St Patrick's Street. It is open every day of the year from 10 am to 5 pm and offers visitors a glimpse into Dublin life over the last 200 years.

The Little Museum of Dublin is an institution with a mission to preserve Irish heritage and culture and to educate the public about Ireland's history. With a focus on 20th-century Irish artists, the museum's exhibition program reflects the rich cultural heritage of Ireland. The Little Museum of Dublin tickets are available on its website, and you can also buy the tick on the counter physically.

Why Book the Little Museum of Dublin Tickets Online?

Little Museum of Dublin tickets allow you to explore the history of Dublin through interactive exhibits. One of the main advantages of booking the ticket online is that it will help avoid lines, and you can choose the date and time you want to visit the museum. This museum solds out really quick so it's advised to buy the tickets in advance to avoid disappointments. With your tickets to the museum you can learn about Dublin’s history through stories, artifacts, and photographs. The museum also offers a variety of events and programs perfect for families, groups, or individuals. There is a gift shop so you can take a souvenir from your visit.

Why Book the Little Museum of Dublin Tickets Online?

Skip the lineIf you're planning a trip to Dublin, be sure to book your tickets to the Little Museum of Dublin online. By doing so, you'll be able to skip the line and head straight into the museum. Once inside, you'll be able to explore all of the exhibits at your own pace. You'll also see some of the city's most famous historical artifacts.

ConvenienceBooking Little Museum of Dublin tickets online is highly convenient. You can choose the date and time you want to visit, and the entire process will be completed in a fraction of the time. You can also pay for your tickets online, which is much easier than carrying cash.

DiscountYou can get discounts on your Little Museum of Dublin tickets if you book online in advance. If you're interested in Irish culture, this is the place for you. Booking online in advance will help you avoid crowds and get a better price on your ticket.

Know Before You Go to The Little Museum of Dublin

  • LocationThe Little Museum of Dublin is located on St. Stephen's Green in an 18th-century Georgian townhouse owned by Dublin City Council. It is approximately a 2-minute walk from Grafton Street. (15 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, D02 Y066, Ireland)
  • TimingsIt is open every day for the entire year, and people can visit this location from 10 am to 5 pm. Little Museum of Dublin tickets are also available at the museum's physical location.
  • How to reach
  • By Bus: There are around 30 buses that stop within a five minute walking distance from the museum.
  • By Trams: You can also take the LUAS tram and you can get off at the Stephen’s Green stops or you can also explore by getting off at Dawson Street, which is another stop nearby.
  • By Car: If you wish to drive you can do so without stressing about the parking. On street parking is available at St Stephen’s Green and there are other parking options available nearby.
  • Best time to visitThe best time to visit the Little Museum of Dublin is on a weekday morning. The museum is usually less crowded then, and you can explore at your own pace. Weekday mornings are also a good time to take advantage of the museum's educational programs.

What to See at The Little Museum of Dublin

Journey Stone

The Little Museum of Dublin has a "Journey Stone '' on display which shows the journey of those who were incarcerated in Magdalene Laundries, Mother and Baby homes, and other residential institutions. The women and children were forced to live in these places which were controlled by the Church and Irish state.

Animals of Dublin

The Little Museum of Dublin has various animals on display, from reptiles to mammals. You can learn about their habits and how they interact with their environment. The little Dublin Museum ticket will also enable the visitor to gather information about some of the animals from Ireland's history, like Sara the elephant and Sam the Fox. This will show an interesting relationship between animals and humans in earlier times.

U2: Made in Dublin

The Little Museum of Dublin has a U2 exhibit that tells the story of how the band became one of the biggest rock bands in the world. The exhibit includes photos, memorabilia, and video footage of the band throughout its career. It also covers their social and political activism and their impact on the city of Dublin.

The Big Little Treasure Hunt

One of the museum's most unique features is the Big Little Treasure Hunt. This scavenger hunt takes you all around the museum to find different objects. It's a great way to explore the museum and learn about the different exhibits.

Highlights For the Little Museum of Dublin

  • It chronicles the country's journey from its prehistoric roots to modern times.
  • Highlights include the museum's extensive collection of artifacts from the 1916 Easter Rising and its interactive displays of Irish music and dance.
  • The museum also has many interactive exhibits, such as the 'Voices of 1916' exhibit, which allows visitors to hear first-hand accounts from people involved in the 1916 Rebellion.
  • The museum also has an extensive collection of Irish art, ranging from paintings to pottery.
  • One of the highlights is the U2: Made in Dublin exhibition, which tells the story of the band over four decades. This includes detailed information about the band, including rare recordings, photographs, and signed albums. The all-day Little Museum of Dublin ticket will include all these attractions.

FAQs For The Little Museum of Dublin

What would be the visit duration at The Little Museum of Dublin?

The Little Museum of Dublin wont take much of your time and you will be able to see everything within two hours max. These will be the most amazing hours for those interested in the history and culture of the city.

Do I need to book Little Museum of Dublin tickets in advance?

You don’t need to book your Little Museum of Dublin tickets in advance but it's advised to do so in order to avoid large ques. You can buy the tickets through its official website and save time. But you can always purchase the ticket from the counter.

What is the price for a Little Museum of Dublin ticket?

All day ticket price is approx €15Guided tours price is approx €10 (€8 for students and senior citizens)

What would be the opening hours for The Little Museum of Dublin?

The Little Museum of Dublin is open everyday around the year from 10 am to 5 pm.

What are the facilities available in the Little Museum of Dublin?

Bathroom facilitiesCloakroom facilitiesCafé situated in the basement of the museum


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