Dublin Walking Tours

Dublin Walking Tours

Dublin Walking tours are one of the best ways to explore the city as it is filled with historical monuments, culture and filled with amazing local stories. There are various options available in the Dublin Walking Tours which vary according to the time duration. If you like to listen to the historical tale of the city then you can opt for 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour. In this Dublin Walking Tours you will get to know about the Irish history of 1961.

The city is also known as a foodie hub, you can take the Irish Food Walking Tour of Dublin which is a 3 hours exciting tour. This tour will allow you to taste lip smacking authentic Irish food. As you walk through the streets of Dublin it will take you to the most famous places of the city like the GPO Museum, Temple Bar and many more.

Dublin walking tour packages

90 Minute Dublin Walking Tour And Sightseeing Tips

These events and people range from playwrights and whiskeys to invasions, wars, and global economic crises. An overview of Dublin Walking Tours, from the time of the Vikings' establishment in 988 AD until the present a quick, interesting, and educational tour that will inspire many potential day trips. In this 1 and 45 minutes journey you will get a local guide who will tell you stories about the city. View the Grand Post Office, Christ Church Cathedral, Trinity College, Temple Bar, and more.

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes (approx.)

1916 Rebellion Walking Tour

One of the most important moments in Irish history in the modern era was the 1916 Rising, which was a decisive step toward independence. And the majority of the fighting occurred on Dublin's streets. Here, the memories and a few gunshot holes still exist today. You'll tread in the rebels' footsteps on this tour. Author and historian Lorcan Collins will lead you to the most significant locations where you may picture the events that occurred more than a century ago.

Duration: 2 hours (approx.)

Dublin Darkside Walking Tour

Visit Dublin from a viewpoint that tourists frequently overlook by taking a tour of the city's shadowy side. Along with directions, your guide shares obscure tales of murders, cults, hauntings, and ghosts in Dublin. The rumored Eerie Dublin Castle, St. Michan's Church, Olympia Theater, and the notorious Hellfire Club are all on the evening's itinerary. Listen to your guide's vile and macabre tales. View famous sites including Smithfield Square and Dublin Castle. Join this tour in the evening to make the most of your day.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (approx.)

2-Hour Historical Walking Tour from Dublin

In just two hours, gain a deep understanding of Dublin's turbulent and interesting past. This tour, which tries to both inform and amuse you, is led by history graduates from University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin. Visit sights and listen to tales that describe Ireland's complicated history. Learn about the Potato Famine, the 1916 Rising, the American and French revolutions, and the War of Independence. This tour package comes with the well educated history scholar who will let you tell you the stories related to the places.

Duration: 2 hours (approx.)

Irish Food Walking Tour of Dublin

On this Dublin food tour, savor a genuine taste of traditional Irish cuisine. For a more individualized experience, this small-group tour has a cap of 18 participants. It makes several stops where you can sample traditional Irish fare and craft beers. Visiting the most well-liked restaurants and pubs in Dublin. Find out from a local guide the inside information about Dublin's gastronomy culture. Small-group tours with a maximum of 18 participants guarantee a customized experience.

Duration: 3 hours (approx.)

Dublin Highlights of Walking Tour

Join a walking tour to see the real Dublin while seeing well-known locations as well as some surprises and hidden jewels that are frequently missed by tourists. As you walk through the city, get a sense of Dublin's contemporary vibe and learn about its past through its distinctive architectural landscape. A well educated history scholar will accompany you on the tour so that you can learn the unknown facts and history about the place.

Duration: 2 hours (approx.)

Dublin Private Walking Tour

With so much history and culture in Dublin Walking Tours, this walking tour will help you find the most significant landmarks. Take a tour of the city's cobblestone streets with a private guide, stopping at sites including Temple Bar, Ha'penny Bridge, Trinity College, and the Molly Malone statue. Your tour guide explains the background of each area as you explore it. You will get picked up from Viaggiare in Irlanda Travelling Ireland and end at The Spire.

Duration: 3 hours (approx.)

Dublin's Haunted History Walking Tour

The Dublin's Haunted History Walking Tour, is one of the most famous Dublin Walking Tours as you will walk around in the haunted street of the city. You will learn about the haunted tales from a guide with real life experience. As you walk into these streets and visit these haunted places you will feel something unnatural which can’t be explained in words. It is advisable to not to attend this tour if you are below 12 years and a soft hearted person.

Duration: 1hr 45mins (approx.)

Dublin Silent Disco Walking Tour

This silent disco tour of Dublin's prominent sites allows you to get to know the city in a fun and original way. Put on your high-tech headphones and dance across the streets with your group while listening to funky music. On your voyage of song and dance. famous sites including Trinity College, Dublin Castle, and Temple Bar. Take a Dublin street tour while listening to music in silence.

Duration: 60 Minutes (approx.)

Why to go for Dublin Walking Tours

While there are many things to do in Dublin, one of the greatest is a Dublin Walking Tours if you're interested in learning more about the city's history.Dublin is incredibly simple to tour on foot. A fun approach to learn more about the city is to join a free guided Dublin walking tours. After all, touring Dublin's sites with a knowledgeable tour guide who shares its history might undoubtedly be a lot more thrilling. Are you more interested in learning about murder and mystery at the former "Red Light District" brothels or at the most well-known locations in the Irish capital?

Famous Places to Explore in Dublin Walking Tours

Powerscourt Townhouse Centre

The powerscourt Townhouse retail centre offers a wide range of merchandise, including clothing, jewellery, antiques, arts and crafts, beauty products, and much more. There are various cafes, restaurants, and pubs in the centre that cater to all tastes. Daily tours of the Center's fascinating history are available, along with shows at a renowned Irish dancing museum and theatre and a dolls store and museum. Facilities include a baby-changing room, free Wi-fi, an internet kiosk, a disabled entry (at the Coppinger Row entrance), restrooms, and many others.

Temple Bar

The Temple Bar, one of Dublin's most well-known pubs, was founded in 1840 and is famed not only for its location but also for having Ireland's greatest collection of rare whiskies, with over 450 distinct varieties available.

Molly Malone Statue

The mysterious Molly Malone is the subject of the well-known song of the same name, which is often regarded as Dublin's unofficial anthem. The Molly Malone statue, which was cast in bronze for the Dublin Millennium celebrations in 1988, is located in the centre of the city's famed Georgian Quarter. Although frequently cited as an example of an Irish ballad, neither the origin of the song nor the existence of Molly Malone are known.

Claddagh Records

In 1959, Garech Browne and Ivor Browne established the record company Claddagh Records, which has its headquarters in Dublin's Temple Bar neighborhood. It specializes in spoken word and traditional Irish music. Leo Rowsome, a renowned pianist who recorded extensively for HMV and Decca in the 1920s and 1930s, taught Garech at the time. Garech would go on to become the first artist to release music on the Claddagh label. Leo produced virtuoso uilleann piping for the inaugural Claddagh CD, "R na bPobair" (King of the Pipers). TheThe Chieftains, possibly the most well-known musician on Claddagh's repertoire, debuted on their second album, which was also their second to be released.

GPO Museum

The magnificent and historic GPO building on O'Connell Street in Dublin is home to the GPO Museum. The 1916 Rising, its aftermath, and how Ireland has changed since are the main topics of discussion at this breathtaking and highly interactive tourist attraction. This fascinating and interactive experience uses electronic touch screens, video, audio visual booths, sound, and real artifacts, many of which have never been seen before, to bring history to life. This renowned location is also accessible for exclusive events and private gatherings.

O'Connell Bridge

O'Connell Bridge, previously Carlisle Bridge, was constructed in 1790 as one of the links in the Wide Streets Commissioners' plan to connect north and south with a major axial route, right in the centre of the city of Dublin. A few years later, when Westmoreland Street was extended to College Green, the plan was finished.

FAQs For Dublin Walking Tours

What would be the best time to go for a Dublin Walking Tour?

The best time to visit the Dublin Walking Tours is in the autumn as this is a pleasant time to visit the city. The weather is smoothing and refreshing which will make your Dublin Walking Tours easy to cover the streets of the city.

Can we book a Dublin Walking Tour online?

Yes, you can reserve an online ticket for the Dublin walking tours. You can book tickets from our websites as we provide offers and discounts and provide instant confirmation of your booking.

Is the price for the Dublin Walking Tour the same for everyone?

No, the cost of the Dublin walking tour will vary according to the age group and the type of Dublin walking tours.

What is Dublin famous for?

Dublin city is well known as a modern culinary destination, as it has everything to offer from historical monuments to exciting Dublin walking tours. The city is also famous for its food as it serves authentic Irish food.


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