Irish Whiskey Museum Blending Experience

Irish Whiskey Museum Blending Experience

Discover the journey of Irish whiskey over the centuries as you embark on this hour-long guided tour with your Irish Whiskey Museum tickets. Enjoy viewing the entire process of production and learn all about the invention of this popular drink. Go down the lanes of history where you will get a deep insight into the country’s history and politics as well as how the whiskey scene here has undergone significant changes and evolution over the years. You will be accompanied with a knowledgeable and friendly tour guide who will take you through the various spaces in the museum. Each of them showcase a distinct culture and traditional food from the various eras of Ireland’s history. Top your Irish Whiskey Museum blending experience by enjoying a sip of the rich golden beverage as you reach the end of your tour. Here, you will be further educated about the finer details and attributes of the spirit by getting a chance to sample three different whiskeys. You can select from a variety of tours here such as the 1 hour tour, Classic tour, and Extended tour, among others, which have been carefully designed to give you the best experience based on your requirements.

Book Irish Whiskey Museum Blending Experience Online

Book your Irish Whiskey Museum tickets online and glean the maximum benefits of your tour by making it more convenient, simple, and hassle free. By booking your tickets in advance online, you can be assured of getting your preferred dates and time slots and not have any last minute surprises. One of the most enticing aspects of booking online is that you get to enjoy some great deals, offers, discounts and the best rates possible, which you would otherwise miss out on. Moreover, this way, you can skip the lines and get a direct entry into the museum once you arrive. Enjoy a fully guided tour of the place as you learn about the culture and history of the country. Appreciate the taste of the various whiskeys here by sampling four of them at the end of your tour. You can further enhance your Irish Whiskey Museum blending experience by getting a once in a lifetime chance of blending your own personalized bottle of whiskey that you can then take home for keepsakes.

Types of Experiences at Irish Whiskey Museum

Step back in time as you enter this spectacular edifice that transports you to the very beginnings of Irish whiskey. Get your Irish Whiskey Museum tickets and opt for one of the several tours offered here specially designed to suit your requirements. With an experienced and knowledgeable guide, you can learn much about the culture and history of the evolution of Irish whiskey through the ages. The tour is made quite interesting with entertaining anecdotes and stories as relayed by your tour guides. When the tour ends, you can go for a whiskey sampling session with three or four well crafted whiskey blends based on the type of Irish Whiskey Museum blending experience that you choose. You can also upgrade your session to a Premium tour and some of the most beautifully aged whiskey that has been matured for at least a decade and also receive a special souvenir to serve as a memory of this wonderful experience.

1hr Experience

Opt for the 1 Hour tour experience with your Irish Whiskey Museum tickets and enjoy an all inclusive fully guided tour. It will also get you a tasting session of three well crafted Irish whiskey with soft drinks for children and adults who do not wish to drink.

Classic Tour Experience

Book your Irish Whiskey Museum tickets and select a Classic Tour where you can enjoy a tour of the place with a knowledgeable guide along with an elaborate whiskey tasting session. Here, you also get to sample an additional fourth round of a wonderfully aged Irish whiskey along with a unique whiskey glass as a souvenir.

Extended 1hr 15 minute Experience

Enhance your Irish Whiskey Museum blending experience further through this extended 1hr 15 Minute experience with an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Round off your tour with an interesting and interactive tasting of four different Irish whiskey blends with an expert. You can also try your hand at crafting your own whiskey and take it home as a souvenir.

1hr 30 Minute Experience

This specially designed tour has been created to further enhance your experience by topping off your tasting session with a scrumptious brunch. Enjoy a delectable spread of Irish smoked fresh bread, salmon and Irish Whiskey Museum marmalade, made with hand in Co. Monaghan. There is also an option of vegetarian Irish Smoked Gubbeen Cheese available on request.

Know Before You Go To Irish Whiskey Museum Blending

Essential Information
  • Location:Irish Whiskey Museum Limited, 119 Grafton Street/37 College Green, D02 E620, Dublin 2, IE
  • Timings:10:30 AM to 6 PM, every day
  • How to Reach:By Bus:There are several bus routes that you can take to reach the Irish Museum including Bus 700 to Trinity College, and 9,13, 16, 83, 122,123, 557 or 747 to College Green. There are buses available every 10 minutes from different parts of the city that can take you to the museumBY Taxi:You can book taxis from any part of the city to take you directly to the Irish Whiskey Museum
  • Best Time To Go:The best time to go to the Irish Whiskey Museum is around 10:30 AM as soon as they open their gates to the common public. This will not only give you adequate time to visit other attractions in the city after this but also mean lesser crowds. You can thus explore the museum in a relatively peaceful and quiet environment.
  • Known to be one of the earliest distilled drinks in Europe, the Irish whiskey has a long and interesting history behind it that dates back to almost 1000 AD
  • The art of distilling was brought back into the country by the Irish monks from the Mediterranean countries around this time. The term whiskey finds its origins in the Gaelic uisce beatha, which translates "water of life"
  • It was in the year 1405 when whiskey was first recorded in the country but it went on to gain popularity only in the mid 1500s when Queen Elizabeth I started ordering large stocks for her court
  • By the 1800s, the drink’s popularity soared and it was declared one of the finest drinks in the world and today Irish whiskey holds a special place among connoisseurs of this golden blend

Highlights For Irish Whiskey Museum Blending Experience

  • Visit the Irish Whiskey Museum and get a deep insight into the origins of this popular drink, its rise and fall, and rise again with a knowledgeable and entertaining guide
  • Explore the four distinct rooms of the museum set against the backdrop of the Trinity College, and witness the artifacts showcased here
  • Go for a unique sampling session where you get to taste 3 or 4 of the most beautifully crafted and well matured blends of whiskey
  • Get a chance to craft your very own blend and take a bottle home with you as a keepsake


What would be the visit duration at Irish Whiskey Museum Blending?

The visit duration at Irish Whiskey Museum Blending is about an hour and a half which includes a complete tour along with a tasting session of 4 different whiskeys. During this time you also get to learn much about the history and tradition of the country and the rise and fall of this popular drink.

Do I need to book Irish Whiskey Museum Blending tickets in advance?

You can book your Irish Whiskey Museum tickets in advance to make your experience perfect, hassle-free, and convenient. Booking your tickets online in advance would mean you can skip the lines and enjoy direct entry as well as availing some lucrative deals and discounts on your ticket prices.

What is the price for an Irish Whiskey Museum Blending ticket?

The prices for Irish Whiskey Museum tickets vary for children and adults with special rates available for families, non-drinking adults, seniors, and students. Entry is free for children below the age of 4 while those between 5 and 12 need to pay €10.00. ticket prices for adults is about €20.00, family is €50.00, Non-drinking Adults is €16.00, seniors and students about €18.00.

What would be the opening hours for the Irish Whiskey Museum Blending?

The Irish Whiskey Museum is open between 10:30 AM to 6 PM, every day.


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